Kerala Election Result Live Updates 2016 – Assembly Election Vote Counting

Kerala Assembly Election Live Vote Counting 2016, Kerala Election Result 2016 Live Updates

As on Monday, the May 16th, the state assembly elections for the year 2016 was held in Kerala after a high level campaigning that was held in the state by the various parties that were competing against each other.

The ultimate fight between the AIADMK- DMK and the LDF- UDF took the final call on Monday with the commencement of the elections. The counting starts on 19th of May, Thursday and according to reports, the election voting percentage in Kerala reached a 71% high.

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Kerala Election Result Live Updates 2016 & Vote Counting

Kerala elects about 140 members of the assembly and thus saw a maximum of 18 million people coming forward to cast their vote for the assembly elections. Till date, Kerala has been the constituency that has been dominated by the UDF that is lead by the Congress and the LDF that is headed by the CPI-M. BJP has seen to have taken some determined efforts in order to make some entry into this constituency that has long been dominated by these parties. The live updates for the Kerala Assembly elections are currently on air and the voting is to start in a short period of time after all the voting procedures are complete.

The total percentage of the voters who have turned up for casting their votes for the Kerala Assembly Election 2016, though is seen to be at an approximate of 71.7%, is seen to rise up to atleast 75% once the voting is completely over. This is in line to cross the estimate of 75% of the voters who turned out to cast their vote for the 2011 elections. Currently the phase 1 of the state assembly elections have gotten over in Kerala and the second phase, that is the counting schedule is said to start on the 19th of May, the coming Thursday.

Live Updates of Results and Counting of Kerala Assembly Elections 2016

The votes have been cast by the voters to the respective candidates and thus have brought down a closure to the voting procedure of the huge five state assembly elections that is carried out once in five years. Many new contestants have participated in the assembly elections for the first time. The counting, which is to be held on Thursday, 19th May would decide who would become the members of the assembly and as well as the next Chief Minister of the respective states in which the state assembly elections have been held.

The polls on the Kerala assembly election for the year 2016 has shown that the UDF led by the Congress is seen to have to head out while the LDF that is lead by the CPI-M is going to take up the reigns this time in the year 2016. This brings about an anti-incumbent mood to all the states and this is so because, since 1991, all the ruling parties, after the assembly elections of the State, is seen to have been voted out and another new Government has been formed by another party


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