TN Election Live Result Updates 2016 – Vote Counting of Tamilnadu Assembly Elections

TN Election Result 2016 – Tamil Nadu Assembly Election Live Counting Updates

Under heavy protection and with high vigilance, the Tamil Nadu Assembly election for 2016 was carried out smoothly over 232 constituencies. It has been estimated that about 300 paramilitary personnel were employed for the task of maintaining peace over the election proceedings. After several propagandas that asserted the importance to cast their vote in order to make a change, TN saw a turnover of about 73.76% total turnout for the number of people who turned up to cast their votes under the respective constituencies.

Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections Result Live Updates 2016

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Some allegations were brought up where some of the parties blamed that the voting ballot machine were discrepant and did not function properly. All matters were taken care of at the right time and the voters were able to come forward and cast their vote without any sort of difficulty. Most of the public and the private firms and companies had declared holiday to their employees on 16th May, Monday, with regard to the state election assembly. Steps were taken previously to urge people to come forward to vote and to not lose their right to vote by staying home.

From the start of the voting process on 16th May, Monday, it was seen that in all the constituencies about 25% of the total turnout had already cast their votes by 11.00 AM in the morning. The entire voting process got over by the evening 6.00 PM. The exiting polls were issued after the completion of the election process. By now, the Phase 1 of the Tamil Nadu assembly elections have gotten over and the counting is to start by 19th May, Thursday. Reports suggest that polling has taken place by far peacefully in the State with no obstacle in its way.

TN Assembly Elections Live Vote Counting 2016

The exiting polls have indicated the total turnout in each place in the constituency. Among the constituencies that have participated in the state assembly elections, the places with the maximum number of voting percentages are, Dharmapuri at 85% and Krishnagiri at 79.16%. Apart from this, the polling indicates Nagapattinam at 77%, Namakkal at 82.10% and Perambur at 79.54%.

By the end of the day, a total of 73.76% was seen as the final turnout in the total 232 constituencies that had participated in the state assembly elections. Many independent candidates had participated for the first time in the assembly elections. Tamil Nadu has seen the major fight between AIADMK and the DMK and the final judgement call would be released on May 19th, Thursday. Election polls have indicated the return of the AIADMK led Government back in Tamil Nadu, breaking the jinx of the anti-incumbency that has set in from the year 1991. Being the ruling party that was elected to power in the year 2011, the return of AIADMK back to power in 2016 would set the records beating the anti-incumbency as no state has seen the re-elect of the same party twice in a row during the state assembly elections.

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